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Interim Chief Executive appointed at Mansfield District Council

Following approval by a meeting of the Full Council on 23 May, Mrs Hayley Barsby has been appointed as Mansfield District Council's interim Chief Executive.

Hayley moves into her new position after serving as the council's Director of Communities for 15 months. She started working for the council in 1999 as a clerical assistant at the Vale Road depot and 18 years later is sitting in the top seat. 

She has said that she doesn't feel that she's been at the council for that long, as she's always changed jobs and so never become bored. The organisation has also changed in that time with different members, implementing different government initiatives and meeting the different needs of local communities. She says it has been rewarding for her to see the changes that have taken place.

Hayley is particularly proud of the fact that she's a local girl and is able to make positive changes in her own home town. Making a difference to her community is very important and means this is more than just a job. She's also proud that she was not pigeonholed, despite being told when she started that 'no-one at Civic wants anyone from the depot.' 

Hearing that was something of a challenge, she decided that she was not going to accept a 'them-and-us' view of things, but form her own opinions. Six months later Hayley left the depot to work at the Civic Centre on a 12-secondment as a Trainee Management Consultant. There she worked on the Best Value initiative, having previous experience of working on system improvements. She eventually became the manager and created the Business Transformation Team.

Hayley studied for her Postgraduate Diploma in Management with the Open University. She believes that it's crucial to invest in your own training to develop professionally.

During her time at the council, Hayley has worked with three chief executives and all were committed to supporting her development. She thinks that speaks volumes about the culture of the organisation and about the fact that it definitely grows its own. Coming up through the ranks has given her a real understanding of the organisation, saying: "It makes you appreciate everyone's contribution."

In her 18 years at Mansfield District Council, she has had seven jobs and has enjoyed every one of them. She said: "It's been a good journey and I've taken essential steps to test, learn, grow and move on to the next challenge.

I've never said 'that's not in my job description,' but always seen it as an opportunity to develop a new skill. The organisation saw my potential, invested in me and supported my development.  There's never a dull moment here - no two days are ever the same. And I've been very lucky to work with some great and very supportive people."

Published 24 May 2017





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