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Fixed Penalty Notices - frequently asked questions

What is a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)?

A FPN is issued to someone who has committed an environmental offence, for example, littering or allowing a dog to foul and failing to clear up after it. It is a way of dealing with an offender without going through the court process.

However if you do not pay a FPN the case can be heard at a Magistrates' Court and you may be fined more than the FPN and receive a criminal conviction.

Fixed penalty notices issued

Information and data for the number of penalty notices issued:

pdf icon Fixed penalty notices issued April 2017- October 2017 [37kb]

What can an FPN be issued for?

A FPN can be issued for a number of offences including:

What happens if I am issued with an FPN?

If you choose to pay the FPN that is the end of the matter and you will not receive a criminal record. The FPN must be paid within 14 days (with the exception of smoking in a smoke free place which is payable within 28 days, with a reduction if paid within 15 days).

If you decide not to pay the FPN your case may be heard in a magistrate's court. This could lead to a criminal conviction and a fine of up to £5,000.

How much is the fine for a FPN?

The fine will depend on the offence.

Fixed penalty notice fines are:

  • Littering - £75

  • Failure to comply with Public Space Protection Order - £100

  • Failure to comply with Community Protection Notice - £100

  • Abandoning a vehicle - £200

  • Fly posting - £75

  • Graffiti - £75

  • Failure to produce waste disposal documentation - £300

  • Failure to produce authority to transport controlled waste - £300

  • Nuisance parking - £100

  • Failure to comply with Waste Disposal Receptacles Notice - £100

  • Smoking in a smoke free place - £50 (reduced to £30 if paid within 15 days)

  • Failure to display No Smoking signs - £200 (reduced to £150 if paid within 15 days)

  • Flytipping - £200

How do I pay a FPN and what if I can't afford it?

Fixed penalty notice fines can be paid in different ways:

  • By telephone using our 24 hour payment line on 01623 428632

  • Online

  • Visit us

When you pay a fixed penalty notice you will need to quote the FPN number on the ticket that was issued to you.

If you are unable to pay the full amount within 14 days we may be able to arrange a payment plan for you.  You can set up a payment plan as follows:

  • £75 fine = £25 per month/£5 a week for 15 weeks
  • £100 fine = £33.33 per month
  • £200 fine = £66.66 per month
  • £300 fine = £100 per month

Full payment must be made within 3 months from when you set up the instalment plan.

If you would like to arrange a payment plan please contact us.

Once you have paid the FPN that is the end of the matter.

Can a child be issued with a FPN?

Children aged 12 and over can be issued with a FPN. A child is considered to be a young person aged from 12 to 17 years.

My child has been issued with a FPN - do I have to pay it?

A child aged between 12 and 17 will be offered community work instead of paying the fine. This will usually be in the form of a litter-pick. Litter-picks take place on a Saturday and are supervised by a Neighbourhood Warden. If the child attends the litter-pick then the matter is closed.

A child who is abusive, a repeat offender or who gives false details when being issued with a FPN may not be offered a litter-pick. If a child is issued with a FPN twice in a six month period or they do not attend a litter-pick, they may be issued with a Acceptable Behaviour Contract.

The warden took a photograph of my child when they issued the FPN - is this normal?

Wardens sometimes take a photograph of a child when they issue them with a FPN. This is for identification purposes. As soon as the identity of the child has been confirmed the image is destroyed.

All wardens are checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service and vetted by Nottinghamshire Police.

What if I don't agree with being issued with an FPN?

You can appeal against a FPN by writing to the Operations Manager in the Community Safety Team. You must explain why you think the FPN has been issued incorrectly.

The Operations Manager will look at two things:

  1. Has the FPN been issued correctly?

  2. Did the officer have enough evidence to prove that the offence took place?

We will write to you to let you know the outcome of your appeal.

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