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House to house collections

Collection dates

Apply for a licence

After the collection

A house to house collection involves collecting money or property from the public by visiting houses and businesses (including pubs). If you wish to carry out this kind of collection you must get a permit unless you hold an exemption.

Collection dates

If you have a date or dates in mind for your collection(s), please contact us to make sure that the dates are available.

You must apply at least 28 days before your collection. For further information please see the pdf icon guidance notes [12kb].

Please be aware that Street collection licence are regulated separately.

Apply for a licence

There is no fee for this application.

Where applicable, your pdf icon application for a house to house permit [19kb] should include:

  • Literature / information about the charity or organisation who will benefit.
  • Letter of authority from the charity or organisation who will benefit.
  • Copy of any contracts between you and the benefiting charity or organisation.
  • Last audited accounts of benefiting charity.

If you cannot provide us with accounts, please include the reason why.

After the collection

If a permit is granted, a form of statement must be returned to us within a month of the collection date. This form must be certified by the promoter of the collection and either an accountant or an independent responsible person.

Even if no collection took place you must submit a nil return.

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